Thursday, April 17, 2014

Berlin–mon amour

Here is some exciting news: Chanteuse Adrienne Haan will be performing in New York City on May 6, at 6pm, at the German Consulate, at 871 United Nations Plaza, which is at First Avenue and East 48th Street. There is a $5 fee. Here is more from the program:
Berlin, Mon Amour - A tour de force of sensuality and elegance will take you through 1920s Berlin, the Ghetto of Warsaw and the lonesome alleys of 1950s Paris. Adrienne Haan is a German singer, known for her historically accurate and deeply emotional Night Club Acts sung in English, German, Yiddish and French. She has performed throughout Europe earning acclaimed reviews from some of the Continent‘s most esteemed newspapers. Her long-time accompanist and arranger, Richard Danley will be on piano.
Adrienne's CD, with songs from the 1920s, is available with Berlinica:  Berlin, mon amour (English version)

Friday, January 17, 2014

Mark Twain And The German Language

Here is a story on our Mark Twain book A Tramp in Berlin on German Pulse:

Mark Twain’s love-hate relationship with the German language is well-known, but often misunderstood. After the author visited Germany in 1878 — Heidelberg, Baden-Baden, the Black Forest —, he wrote the book, “A Tramp Abroad,” with the now-famous appendix, “The Awful German Language”. Here, Twain gripped with the confusing gender of nouns, long-long sentences and long-long-long words.
This is why many people believe that Twain did not like German, let alone spoke it. Nothing could be more untrue. ....

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by Eva C. Schweitzer


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