Friday, December 1, 2017

Advent with Martin Luther

Christmas is coming! December 3 will be the first Sunday of Advent. And in the spirit of the holidays, we are offering a limited number of discounted copies of Martin Luther's Travel Guide, by Cornelia Doemer, with a preface by Professor Robert Kolb. The book takes you to Lutherland, the German landscape where the Reformation took place 500 years ago; to Leipzig, Torgau, Dresden, and the historic town of Wittenberg, where Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the Castle Church (see below).

The book usually retails for $13.99, but for a limited time, it is $12 ony — including shipping and handling (within the United States). It is first come, first serve, when they are gone, they are gone, so don't hesitate!

Your publisher, Eva C. Schweitzer

Thursday, November 23, 2017

To Turkey or Not Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving! There is much to be thankful for, including the lively debate with your relatives about politics around the table, the weather, and the food. That said, there is always room for improvement. And we have a special offer for you: The Berlin Cookbook, Traditional Recipes and Nourishing Stories, by Berlin master chef Rose Marie Donhauser. It tells you how to make Schnitzel, Currywurst, Eisbein, Döner Kebap, and all the other healthy, wholesome German dishes. And you will also read about the heritage of Berlin food, from the Bismarck herring to Frederick the Great's potatoes.

As a special for Thanksgiving, the book will be one dollar off at Amazon. So, you can get it for $15.95 only! In full color and with 60 recipes. Will turkey be one of those recipes? Of course not, but the book tells you how to broil a real German Christmas goose. Here is how it should look like eventually:


The Berlin Cookbook
102 color pages / 60 recipes
Softcover: 8.5’’ x 8.5’’
ISBN  978-1-935902-50-8





But there is more! You can also take a trip to the Reformation, or Leipzig, or Berlin!


Your publisher, Eva C. Schweitzer


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Ick steh auf Berlin...