Saturday, October 30, 2010

Come to the Cabaret....

So, the company is incorporated, all the books are at the printer ... nearly all the books; the Berlin Cookbook is still in the making, Berlin in the Cold War still has some typos, but that should be taken care of on Monday. Or Tuesday. All the CDs and DVDs are at some place with Amazon manufacturing that has just moved, hence Amazon does not really know how long it will takes to produce them ... where did they move, anyway? The catalog is being printed, the website will be full-fledged 10 pages on .... Friday? I hope.  The calendars are up and running at Cafepress, so are the T-shirts at Zazzle, and, of course, the party!

The launch party for Berlinica will be on November 11, at 6pm, at the German Consulate in New York, at First Avenue and East 48th. You are all invited! (You'd have to RSVP, though). Holly-Jane Rahlens, our first and foremost author will read from Wallflower, a love story set when the wall came down, and Micaele Leon will sing. Here is the link!,archiveCtx=1981346.html

There is beer, and the famous Sylvester Schneider will serve snacks. And I got a Berlin music CD, including Annette Humpe and Die Wilmersdorfer Witwen.

I‘d like to talk more, but I am so tired I need to sleep on my new elevated bed; elevated, because I put the book boxes beneath it. Tomorrow, I‘ll take a day off, the first since May.

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