Friday, February 25, 2011

The Black Sheep

Welcome to Hollywood! I arrived in Los Angeles, Berlin's partner city in the USA, just in time for the Oscars, and I spent all day climbing up to to the Hollywood sign; not by foot, of course, I am over thirty-four. No, I was part of a guided tour for journalists, given by City Councilman Tom LaBonge who might, as I also learned today, run for mayor of Los Angeles (in two years). The Hollywood sign is astonishingly high, inaccessible and flat, you can by no means sit in it and watch L.A. You can see L.A. through the letters if you climb high enough, though.

This time I decided to rent a car; turns out you are not that faster after all as opposed to taking a bus. First, I managed to get lost while trying to enter a freeway, then I got stuck in an area with very worrisome street names — Slauson! Florence! - then I got lost again upon leaving said freeway, all whilst trying to use my Blackberry as a GPS. Also, they have a lot of traffic in L.A. I rented a red beetle. I got upgraded since I only paid economy, then again, Alamo charged me fifty bucks for a full tank.

Meanwhile, at home in Berlin, everybody is mad at the former shooting start Klaus-Theodor zu Guttenberg, the German defense minister who, as it was just found out, has plagiarized his Ph. D. He had to give back his doctor title and might well loose his job. My hunch is, this it not all that uncommon in politics. American papers are not covering it yet. Maybe their reporters are stuck in traffic.

More tomorrow, I am really tired.

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