Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Knut Forever

What happened to Knut? According to zoo officials, his brain was sort of damaged: they found some "significant changes" after an autopsy. However, nobody knows how and why that happened. The beloved polar bear had died on Saturday in the presence of 600 to 700 visitors. He started to turn around on his rock repeatedly, fell into the water, and drowned right away.

Now Berliners, but also people all over the world are mourning. Candles, flowers, and pictures are brought to the Berlin Zoo, to remember the bear that was hand-raised as a cub four years ago by Thomas Doerflein. But quite a few people are blaming the zoo, which has put Knut into a tiny cage with three other bears who mobbed him. And frankly, with all the money they made on Knut—couldn't they have built a better habitat? So it's no wonder people still think he died of stress, loneliness and a broker heart after his keeper Doerflein had died.

Here are some Knut videos:







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  1. It is so sad he died. But I am happy to see how he was cared.


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