Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Times are A'Changing

Those are interesting times: Westerwelle, the leader of the Free Democratic Party in Germany, is as good as gone (he is still Foreign Minister, but that might change, too). The FDP will elect a new party leader, Philipp Rösler, now Minister for Health and a physician himself. Not only is Rösler with thirty-eight the youngest FDP-boss ever, he is also, technically speaking, an immigrant. He was born in Vietnam and was adopted as a baby. So,  now two of the German parties are presided by immigrants (the Green party leader is Cem Özdmir), while the CDU as well as the SPD are run by women.

Only the Bavarian CSU is still clinging to the old times. Of course, Germany still does not have a secret Muslim born in Kenya... (just kidding!)

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