Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Evil Umpire

Wow! That was the greatest game probably nobody in the USA cared about: women soccer! Right now, Germany is hosting the Soccer World Championship for women, and the U.S. just won! Against Brazil, one of the favorites; not the finals, though, but America will be in the semi-finals. So there is a good chance the USA will win the World Cup.

It was an amazing game, with penalty shots, penalty shots wrongfully given, fouls, extensions, in the end, the USA was leading 5 to3 after more than two hours. Thousands of fans had congregated to Dresden, and they are now, I assume, celebrating. I would not know, first I am in Berlin, second, I know next to nothing about soccer: However, I have an American family from Iowa hanging out in my living room who was watching that very nail-biting game. If you are interested in details, check ESPN.

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