Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Berlin Wall Today

So, we had one great event at the Deutsches Haus presenting The Berlin Wall Today as well as Kurfürstendamm and other books, the latter by Stefan Maria Rother, published by Berlin Story Verlag. Kurfürstendamm is part of a series depicting streets in Berlin, and The Berlin Wall Today is, of course, a book about what is left of the Wall.

The place was sold out (except that it was free, but it was filled to capacity); we showed slides from all of the books, and then had a Q&A about Berlin. It was led by Rachel Libeskind, the daughter of World-Trade-Center architect Daniel Libeskind who attended as well. She grew up in Berlin while her father was designing the Jewish Museum.

Afterwards, we had white wine and Berliner Weiße, which is white beer with syrup. I didn't have any, though, since I was busy signing (and selling books). One got nabbed, so, where ever you are, I will find you!

Now I am looking forward to the next event, which will take place in Los Angeles. Also, new books  are to be expected, starting next spring. I will keep you posted! Plus, The Berlin Wall Today will be available in French; I hope before Christmas. And finally, before Christmas, I hope to get Berlin For Free as an e-book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and everywhere else. I will keep you posted as well.

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