Thursday, October 27, 2011

Where Is My Porsche?

So, this is all very exciting. Yesterday, I introduced Berlinica at the German Currents Film Festival in Hollywood; on Hollywood Boulevard. I talked to a lot of people, one of which nabbed a book, but I‘m taking this as a good sign. I also made serious plans to produce and/or write a movie or two; I will keep you posted. The movie we saw was Almanya, a very successful German comedy, for the first time in the United States. I had the impression everybody liked it.

I will be in Santa Monica at the Aero Theatre tonight again with my books.

The weather is marvelously wonderful; in the morning, I wake up in my little hotel, steps from the beach, in Venice, while the sun is already shining, birds are singing, and aging Hippies are skateboarding. It's like being in Californication, the series, just without the sex, the Porsche, the money, the drugs, and David Duchovny hanging out in the bar right next to me.

Only parking space is scarce. Also, my cell doesn't work, I was told due to the proximity of the ocean.

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