Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hasta La Victoria

Back in New York, I'm still thinking about some of those movies. The last one I saw was If Not Us, Who, by Andreas Veiel, about the early beginnings of the Baader-Meinhoff-group, or, much rather, about Gudrun Ensslin, her husband Bernward Vesper, and Andreas Baader.

The movie was a feature, but interspersed with documentary bits, mostly about the Vietnam War. So, I remember how important the fight against the war was for the 1960s movement in Germany (and many other countries), but I would imagine that this is news for Americans. Then again, many Germans don't know that Americans protested the Vietnam War.

It was also a flashback to a time when I was younger (although the era when it was frowned upon to have sex was when I was, like, four). When the protests against the Vietnam War began, I was twelve (I remember this because I read about those atrocities in newspapers and I recall thinking; I am only twelve, I should not be reading this), but it it still part of my past. And everybody's. And one more thing, all those young protesters in the movie looked so alive, and the old guys trying to suppress them so ... square. The young ones are the people occupying Wall Street today.

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