Friday, December 2, 2011

German Traces

 Here is an interesting project: It is called "German Traces", and it is launched today in New York with a party at 6pm at the Goethe Institut at 72 Spring Street in Downtown Manhattan. The idea is to "reveal the German influence in New York City from 1840-1945" when many immigrants came from Germany.

The Goethe Institute has created a website that guides the reader through "locations in the city where, via podcasts and augmented reality, German traces are brought to life", such as churches, public buildings, restaurants, memorials like the one to the Slocum disaster at Tompkins Square Park or, of famous immigrants of German heritage like John Roebling or John Jacob Astor.

With that website, you can look up stories on your computer as well as on your smartphone, and there is also a link to contribute your own stories, or stories told to you by your parents or grandparents. The website is

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