Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Tramp in Berlin

Our new book "A Tramp in Berlin. New Mark Twain Stories & an Account of his Adventures," is now out. Here is an interview with the author, Andreas Austilat, in the Hartford Courant.
"In Germany, many people are thinking Mark Twain is a youth author. In the United States, he is known also for writing for grown-ups as well," Austilat said in a phone interview from Berlin. "When I got a little bit older and learned that he was in Berlin he became fascinating for me." 
Austilat was inspired to write this book by his commute to work."Körnerstrasse is just behind the Tagesspiegel when I walk there. It still is today. Every day I was going to work I would pass Körnerstrasse," Austilat said. "That's why I started to research Mark Twain in Berlin. He lived on Körnerstrasse."
Read more here in the Hartford Courant

And here is the book:

by Eva C. Schweitzer

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