Saturday, December 18, 2010

Runway to Hell

It can be interesting to be caught in the middle of a major news story, or not. The big story of these days is the snow in Europe. And I'm in the middle of it because I choose, of all days, the last two to travel to Berlin for Christmas. Via Heathrow.  Heathrow is the biggest airport in Europe, if not in the world, and Terminal 5, where British Airways is located, is larger and nearly as secretive as the Pentagon. So, if you get stranded there with all your luggage because Europe is blanketed with snow that is quite a challenge.

I got stranded in the late morning of Friday, not all bad, because the people whose flights were canceled in the morning were made waiting in the plane for hours, while the ones that got stranded in the evening didn't even get a hotel room and had to sleep on the floor. I had only to wait in line for five hours. Queuing up is a sport in Great Britain, but I am not British. It is even less fun if you watch flights getting canceled from Brussels to Pisa while you queue does not move.

Anyhow, I got out the next day, in the early morning, not quite to Berlin, but to Hamburg, that's at least close. As soon as our flight had left, the airport collapsed under us like a major Hollywood movie at plot point two, and was eventually closed completely. To quote Newman, Tell the world my story!

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