Saturday, March 19, 2011

Knut, The Polar Bear, Has Died

Knut is dead! The famous polar bear who was born in the Berlin Zoo just four years ago, collapsed and died in the pool of his cage on Saturday shortly after 3pm. Knut, who had been abandoned by his polar bear mother at birth, has been raised by hand by Thomas Doerflein, his keeper, who had died in September 2008, also very sad, since he was only 44 years old (Knut's twin baby brother did not make it at all). Nobody knows yet of what causes Knut has passed away, but everybody in Berlin is sad and also shocked. More than 500 people witnessed when Knut's lifeless body was drifting in the water.

Knut became famous as a symbol of the fight against global warming and for the environment. He made it on the cover of Vanity Fair with Leonardo di Caprio and he attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Berlin Zoo. Lately, he had not been so lucky: His lady friend from the Munich Zoo was brought back to Munich, and the other three polar bears in Berlin had never warmed up to the abandoned cub. But they did not push him into the water — he fell. So far, the Zoo is still investigating.

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