Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Conspiracy on Hudson

So, the DSK story gets more interesting every day. I have no idea what was actually going on, I‘ll just wait for the Hollywood movie,  but what I‘m gathering from German sites is that there is quite some Schadenfreude about a banker's downfall, no matter what for. Many hope that some Wall Street big shots will follow (yeah, right). More remarkable, none of the usual suspects in the German media has come out to defend him yet (quite different from Polanski). Angela Merkel, of course, is pushing one of her competitors to become his successor, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who might otherwise run against her in the next elections.

As for France, DSK's next career step as the president of France is probably not happening. Of course, the conspiracy theorists are working overtime: Was he framed? And if, by whom? The CIA? The Fed  (he was responsible for the Euro)? Nicholas Sarkozy? The Freemansons? Gaddafi? The French secret service? Also—lets just keep spinning—if this results in Marine Le Pen becoming the first Front National president of France AND it would turn out that DSK is not guilty, albeit too late, that would make the L'Affaire Dreyfus look like small potatoes. Or, small Freedom Fries.

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