Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Contest: Ten Free Ebooks for Berlin-Lovers!

Berlinica is now selling ebooks on Amazon and Barnes&Noble, for the Kindle, the Nook, the Sony and Kobo Readers, the iPad, and all other devices. The first ebooks are Wallflower, a love story set when the Wall fell, the history book Berlin in the Cold War, Berlin for Free, a guide to everything free in Berlin, and The Berlin Wall Today.

The latter three are enhanced ebooks with live links to the websites of the venues and the historical sites mentioned, as well as Google Maps links to their addresses. The Berlin Wall Today also links to a three-dimensional map of the area where the Wall once stood, and to detailed maps of memorials, border crossings, and cultural sites.

To celebrate this, Berlinica is raffling off ten ebooks! All you have to do is to answer those five questions about Berlin and send the answers to info (at) berlinica (dot) com before March 1, 2012. Good luck!

Here are the questions:

In Wallflower, Molly and Mick are taking a trip to the Friedrichstrasse S-Bahn Station in Berlin, which was divided right in the middle by the Wall. But when our two heroes meet, the Wall is just about to fall. In what year did the Wall come down?

Berlin for Free: One of the places you can visit for free in Berlin is a famous historic building that was burned by the Nazis but restored with a glass dome after the Wall came down. What is the name of this building?

The Berlin Cookbook: What is a “Berliner” (or, as they are called in Berlin, "Pfannkuchen"), and what is it filled with?

The Berlin Wall Today: The longest piece of the Berlin Wall that still exists is also the world’s longest outdoor gallery. What is the name of this gallery?

Berlin in the Cold War: During the Cold War, American, British, French, and Soviet spies were constantly fighting each other, in secret. What is the name of the American government agency concerned with foreign espionage?

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