Monday, March 5, 2012

Mark Twain Goes On

The fundraiser for our upcoming book "Mark Twain in Berlin" has expired on Kickstarter, but we will go on with the book until the final goal of $2000 is reached. We are at $1328 now, that is not too bad for a four-week pledge drive. Every reward promised will be honored, and we are inviting everybody who wants to participate to do so.

Now we have teamed up with a non-for-profit organization for arts and culture, On The Road Productions International, owned by acclaimed filmmaker Rosemarie Reed. Rosemarie did the movie The Path To Nuclear Fission, distributed by Berlinica.

So, your donation will now also be tax-deductable, and, of course, you will get your reward. The detailed list is still on Kickstarter, just to sum it up: $7 gets you a button, $12 gets you three Berlinica ebooks, $25 gets you a preview softcover copy of the book, $35 gets you a T-shirt, $50 gets you a hardcover copy of the book, and $100 gets you a copy AND your name in the book as a backer.

The biggest reward is a day-long guided tour in Berlin to all the places where Mark Twain has been, including lunch with the author who researched Twain's life, dinner in Mitte and a free stay for the weekend; we lowered the price of this to $500.

So, please make out a check to On the Road Production International. Please contact me for the address and additional details at: eva (at) berlinica (dot) com. You can also sign up for new blog posts now (see left).

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