Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Frankfurt Book Fair - Here I Come!

Off to the Frankfurt book fair! Tomorrow I will be boarding the plane to the biggest book event on the planet. Pretty much every publisher is there, including small ones like myself. It is an event crammed with meetings, talks, industry panels, appearances of famous (and less famous) authors, sightings of agents, end-of-day parties between the aisles and nightly parties in Frankfurt. Brazil is the guest of honor, and also American publishing companies will be present (in the only hall where your bag gets searched — what a surprise!). Food is usually limited to cookies, chocolate, gummy bears, and plastic glasses of wine, albeit a lot of those. To quote another great Frankfurter, you can eat (or sleep), when you're dead.

Funny things happen at the book fair. I once ended up at a brunch at a Frankfurt hotel where a Berlin-based journalist from Austria was running his mouth so sharply that I missed my train, because I couldn‘t leave. Not so much because it was so interesting, but because I was afraid that he‘d talk about me likewise as soon as I was gone! I also once stole a cat book, my apologies, I was drunk. And Frankfurt is a great place to meet people you could see in New York and Berlin as well, but don't.

So why am I there? I will be covering the fair, and I am also hoping to find a German publisher interested in the German version of, "A Tramp in Berlin. New Mark Twain Stories." There will also be talks about a book of travels into Native American territory. I will, of course, keep everybody posted. I will be taking my new Nook with me, love, love, love the Nook. Let‘s see how it works on a 24/7 basis.

by Eva C. Schweitzer

Speaking of Berlin, by the way, here is the newest story.

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