Friday, September 12, 2014

Espresso, Espresso

How do you get a Berlinica book? On Amazon and, of course. And also, every book store can order it. However, that might take a few days, but now this will be slimmed down to a few minutes only: You can get Berlinica books at the Espresso machine. This is, as you probably have been thinking, a huge machine that prints out books in front of your very eyes upon ordering. So far, the Espresso machine can only reproduce black-and-white, softcover books (with full-color-covers), but this is developing. So, basically, you walk up to the counter, ask for the book, and you can take it home ten minutes later (after you have paid).

Espresso machines have been around for a while; McNally Jackson Books on 52 Prince St in New York has one, for instance, but now also Barnes and Noble got into the game. Its first machine is at the flagship store at New York's Union Square, and two more are in Paramus, N.J, and Willow Grove, Pa. Also, Books-A-Million, affiliated with Wal-Mart, has bought two Espresso machines.

What else is new? Berlin 1945. World War II: Pictures of the Aftermath will come out later this month. It is a 8.5 by 11 inches book with harrowing black-and-white pictures taken in the aftermath of WWII by Soviet soldiers and German war photographers in their employ. They are shown for the first time in the U.S. The text is written by Dr. Michael Brettin, the history editor of Berliner Kurier in whose archive the pictures were found. The preface is written by former New York Times Bureau chief in Berlin, Stephen Kinzer. We will keep you posted.

And also, the Steuben Parade is on in New York, the largest German-American Parade. It will take place next Saturday on September 20. I will be walking down Fifth Avenue with German Pulse, a Chicago-based cultural organization and be handing out postcards. See you all there!

Your publisher, Eva C. Schweitzer

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