Saturday, December 5, 2015

Advent, Advent .... People of the world, don't abandon this city!

Advent, Advent ... on December 5, 1948, Ernst Reuter was elected mayor of West-Berlin, the legendary Social Democrat who asked the "people of the world," to not abandon Berlin. Reuter, born in 1899 in what is today Denmark, was a former Communist. In 1933, the Nazis put him in a concentration camp; he spent World War II in Turkish exile. Reuter made his speech due to the blockade of West Berlin, when the GDR, together with the Soviets, closed the streets and the railways to West Germany. The blockade led to the Berlin Airlift and it got Reuter on the cover of Time Magazine. This was also the end of the immediate post-War period and the beginning of the Cold War.
Today you will get two pics; one from Berlin 1945, by Michael Brettin, and one from Berlin in the Cold War, by Thomas Flemming, from Berlin's past that is still visible today.

Your publisher, Eva C. Schweitzer

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