Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year, and an Invitation to Kurt Tucholsky's Birthday in Berlin

Happy New Year, everybody! This is 2020, and so the Golden Twenties begin ... anew! (or so I hope). The era of music, dance, cabaret, movies, sex, and booze.

Speaking of the Twenties; Kurt Tucholsky, the most famous German Jewish journalist and satirist to write about them would be turning 130 years in January 2020, were he still alive. To celebrate the occasion, Berlinica teamed up with the Projektraum Kurt-Kurt, an art installation space in the house where Tucholsky was actually born, in Berlin-Moabit, at Lübecker Strasse 13.

On the occasion of the birthday, on January 10 — or, actually, one day after the birthday — Professor Ian King, the Chairman of the Tucholsky Foundation will give a talk about Tucholsky — in English — read from his books, and also take questions (as will I). There will be wine and cake, and the opportunity to get Tucholsky's books, in English, but also in German.

Come all and tell all your English-speaking friends in Berlin!

Kurt Tucholsky's Birthday Party
January 10, 2020, 7pm
Lübecker Str. 13
10559 Berlin-Tiergarten
U-Birkenstrasse or Turmstrasse

And here is the invitation in German!

Your Publisher, Eva C: Schweitzer

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