Sunday, November 28, 2010

Eisbein and Currywurst

Just a few things: The Berlin Cookbook is out, and available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble (B&N doesn't have a cover picture yet but this is only a matter of time). This is very exiting; it is the first English-language Berlin Cookbook ever; also, it is full color and has, of course, many recipes. And, no worries, I did not write it, but an actual cook. You can see it popping up right left of that blog (and then order it directly).

Also, the first two Berlinica DVDs are out, and available on Amazon (I am trying to get them into B&N, but this is not so easy). The first is The Path to Nuclear Fission, produced by Rosemarie Reed, it is about Lise Meitner, a brilliant Jewish scientist in Berlin whose inventions, ultimately, lead to the Atomic bomb. The other one is The Red Orchestra, about the Anti-Nazi resistance group of the same name. This documentary was done by Stefan Roloff; again, Stefan will be in New York to introduce his upcoming movie about the Wall and the Stasi at the German Consulate on December 9 at 6pm.

Stefan Roloff at the German Consulate

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