Wednesday, November 10, 2010

La Cage Aux Folles

The launch is coming closer. My author has arrived. She stays in my apartment. Sadly, she is allergic to my stuffed animal collection. Wallflower, our first novel, has been mysteriously pulled from distribution of Amazon and Barnes and Noble, here is why: I found out that Amazon Japan listed the husband of the author as the publisher, and instead of calling  (how difficult can it be to speak Japanese?), I turned to LightningSource, the printer, to correct the mistake in their database. The book will show up in Australia any time soon, so there is no time to waste. Evidently, this caused the book to vanish altogether for, like, two weeks, but it will be back.

Also, it turned out that the pianist who is playing at the Thursday launch party has to leave early. So now the musical program comes first, the reading later. I got napkins printed with a Berlin city map. I met someone at a party who explained to me how Google Analytics work (sort of). The catalog arrived today, not a moment too soon, as did the proof for our first movie, The Red Orchestra, and five T-shirts my interns are gonna wear. The proof for the cookbook will be sent out tomorrow. That's a little tight  because for UPS, overnight dies not mean the next day, but rather, a few nights out. There is still no trace of any CD, but at least Amazon promised me a free proof.

Also, here is the first news story, written by myself (of course). Every word is true.

I got 23 twitters already, whatever that might be.

Here is the link for the party - we are slightly over capacity, but who cares?,archiveCtx=1981346.html

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