Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hot in Louisiana

Obviously I was witness to a much talked about entertainment event without even noticing: Reggie Brown at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans. This guy, obviously a black comedian I had never heard of before, has an Obama act he was invited for. That was kinda funny, but then he turned to mocking Republicans, like, Newt Gingrich is dropping delegates faster then Anthony Weiner his pants, or: Tim Pawlenty could not make it to the conference because he got his foot from his mouth surgically removed, and also a spinal transplant, both paid for by Obambneycare.

While I was still thinking, wow, someone had guts inviting this guy, he was already escorted off the stage in the middle of a Michele Bachmann joke. Now I‘m sitting here with barely half a joke. I don't think this is how Republicans make friends.

As for the much talked energy crisis the Republicans want to solve by drilling, I have a great idea. Turn off the effing air conditioning! New Orleans had about 100 degrees (in the sun), while the conference center had about ten. Well, maybe 20. Oddly enough, the airplane later had 100 degrees again, due to some malfunction (I was flying U.S. Airways). If America could find a way to simply store heat and cold and exchange them to where they are needed, that should take care of everything.

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