Monday, June 6, 2011

What's Left of the Wall

Our next book will come out any time soon: It is The Berlin Wall Today, a color picture guide that meticulously shows all the remainders of the Wall still visible in Berlin; in the inner city of Berlin, to be precise, a ten-mile-stretch from Bornholmer Brücke all the way down to Schlesischer Busch. You can walk that in a day (with good shoes and no small children in tow). The book has maps also.

It is really not that much left of the Iron Curtain, but if you walk all the way it is more than you would assume. For me, thinking that I know everything about Berlin, it was interesting to discover Wall remnants in back yards, next to train tracks, and in half-wild parks I have never heard about. Some of them are covered in graffiti, some overgrown with plants. There are also guard towers and memorial plaques that tell Berlin history.

The book will come out in July; I will keep everybody posted. It will also appear in other languages eventually, starting with German. It will be available on Amazon and

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