Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Be Mark Twain in Berlin

Be a Mark Twain scholar! Help to bring never-before published stories of the great American writer and humorist to light, for all to appreciate! It is a little known fact that Mark Twain spent half a year of his life in Berlin, Germany, in winter 1891-1892, together with his wife, Olivia, and his three daughters, where he wrote various articles. Now, Berlinica will publish the first book to tell of this journey and to print these stories.

And you can help. We are launching a fundraiser for this book, and you can get valuable prizes, including a day-long tour in Berlin to all the places Mark Twain has visited, did research on (or in), or had lunch with famous people. The fundraiser takes places at Kickstarter; there is also a little movie that will tell you more of the book.


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