Monday, February 6, 2012

Endorse Mark Twain and Be a Guest in Berlin

Great news: A gracious sponsor has emerged who will let you stay for free in his Berlin apartment for one weekend—if you endorse Mark Twain.

Right now, we are running a fundraiser for the upcoming Berlinica-book "Mark Twain in Berlin" at Kickstarter; a book with never-before published stories. If you donate $750, you will get a private, day long tour to all the places Mark Twain has been and written about in 1891-1892; including breakfast and dinner at a restaurant from 1612, as well as lunch with the author, metro editor Andreas Austilat, at Tagesspiegel.

So now, Jörg Mehringer, who rents out apartments for Berlin-visitors, has promised to let you stay in his place near Kurfürstendamm for free if you choose this tour. Have a look at the place, it sleeps two:

Sleep and Surf nahe Kurfürstendamm

And here is the fundraiser at Kickstarter

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