Saturday, January 26, 2013

Israelis in Berlin

Berlin is freezing, so people are cuddling up in their homes. Or so you'd think. I spent all day bundled up outside to take pictures for the upcoming Berlinica book Jews in Berlin, a history book about 350 years of Jewish life in Berlin, with many, many pictures.

The book was originally published by Henschel, Leipzig; we are now working on an updated edition for America. Our two wonderful authors are Judith Kessler and André Anchuelo from Jüdisches Berlin and Jüdische Allgemeine, two Jewish Berlin papers. Today, I visited a few Israeli-owned restaurants and cafés in Berlin, since a lot of Israelis have moved to Berlin and opened up businesses (you can read more about it in the book, hopefully in April).

Later, I was planning on checking out a disco in Mitte, near Prenzlauer Berg, in the basement of a backyard factory, run by a Israeli and a gay activist, Aviv Netter. He is organizing "Meschugge Parties". The music started at 11.30 pm, early for Berlin. I arrived at midnight, the place just started to fill up. Sadly, Aviv was not there, he is hanging out in Bulgaria. In lieu of a picture, I will post a link to his YouTube Channel. Otherwise, I‘ll keep you informed.

When I went home, the subway was packed. PACKED! What are all these people doing out there in the middle of winter anyway? Don't they have a home?

by Eva Schweitzer

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