Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Big Apple Crisis

We–and with we, I mean me and my computer–had a major crisis. Actually, not so much me as my computer. I‘m the kind of person who always lectures other people about backing up regularly, and I back up. Mostly. However, I left my harddrive in Berlin and did not get around buying a new one in New York right away. And I was to lazy to back up everything on a stick. Actually, not so much lazy, rather I was planning to do it tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, even though crashes kept coming. Silly me. Long story short, suddenly I found myself with a Macbook that refused to start up.

Living in New York, we have 24/7-Apple stores, and since basically my brain is on that computer, we need those. Fortunately, the said Apple store managed to start up my brain with the help of an external harddrive. This is what midnight in New York is nowadays. I funneled all the files I might or might not have touched in the last two weeks on a stick. Waddayounow, it took no longer than three hours. You wanna thoroughly close the barn door after the horsie has ran out.

It also took only three hours to reassemble all my stuff on the new harddrive. It is astonishing how much you have to look for all over the place if you don't have a clean one-piece-backup on an external harddrive, down to long-forgotten passwords and fancy fonts. Anyway, I made it. It felt like major brain surgery, but I will recover in a few weeks or so. Kids, back up you computers! You will need it!

by Eva Schweitzer

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